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Help Support My Games!

Let's be real, building a game especially on your own, is hard work. Games take a lot of time, a lot of skills and a lot of resources to go from idea to concept to completion. Not only is there the programming and level design, etc that I provide. But there are asset packs that need to be bought. Sound and music that has to be created or sourced. There are hosting costs, STEAM fees, the list goes on.

That is why this page is here. In the end, I hope you enjoy one or more of the games (and/or utilities) that I have made. If you are, I'm happy. Something I built brought a little fun in to your life. And I hope you'll take a second and think about helping me with some of the costs.

So here is the part where I come with my hand outstretched asking you to support my work. There are a lot of ways you can help. Liking and following me on social media; providing a tip for my troubles. You can be a patron and help with the day to day.

Please consider doing the following:

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