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Battle Royale rocks

the couch! 12 Players

PengoRoyale is a massively local player BattleRoyale party game that pits up to 12 players in a last man standing fight for their lives. VIEW MORE


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Hello, I'm Joe Wilcox, Technical Director of the WisEngineering's Digital Reality Lab. You might also know me as the Digital Leprechaun, or by DrSiN! This is my site, my playground of all things game related.

While I'm blessed that I can create cool sh*t at my day-job, I still love making games! And that's what this label, Asset Pack Games, is all about. Here you'll find all the cool experiments and little projects I'll be working on from time to time and my reviews of various asset packs that I use.

So keep checking back and thanks for stopping by!